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New Beginnings

Posted by on September 9, 2013

I’ve officially been in Bilbao, Spain for one week now!  The first couple days, I walked around not really comprehending the reality my decision to live in Spain for almost 4 months.  I went from the usual “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” of first seeing a new beautiful place to thinking “Why on earth did I decide to do this??”  I have had a good week, exploring the city (Casco Viejo, or Old Town, is so beautiful, by the way!) and making new friends –  but this whole time I have still felt quite unsettled about the situation.  Now, though, I think I have overcome the first initial freak-outs of being in a strange country all by myself.  Today as I sat soaking up sun on a park bench next to the Guggenheim Museum in between classes, it suddenly hit me how amazing it is that I am living in Bilbao for the next three months. Like, wow. This is incredible – I am so lucky to be able to call this city “home” for the semester.  I cannot wait to know Bilbao like the back of my hand, and I’m so excited for the adventures I will have in Spain.

My view of the Guggenheim.

My view of the Guggenheim.

"Casco Viejo" ~ Old Town

“Casco Viejo” ~ Old Town


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